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I am a patient and experienced tutor, qualified Maths Teacher and GCE Expert Examiner. I help students of all ages and abilities to succeed at and enjoy Maths.

Email me to arrange a FREE OF CHARGE at home appointment, to discuss our goals and see how I can help your son or daughter to achieve their full potential.

Our consultation will also enable us to get a good idea of your child's ability and way of learning, so that if you decide to continue we can hit the ground running.

"Hi, B* loved her lesson with you last Saturday. Thank you!"

"Z* has got an A* in his Maths Exams! Thank you very much"

"Hi, J*'s math 96%"

A weekly session rockets students confidence and general performance. It also allows them to make the most of their Maths lessons at School.

MH help includes:

* One to one lessons at your home, from 60 min sessions to intensive exam preparation courses.

* Unlimited access to a selection of resources).

* Support during your independent study time: email / SMS / WhatsApp / …

To get an idea of how MATHSHERO can help, here are some examples of interactions I have on a weekly basis with students and parents:

(One to one lessons at your home, from 60 min sessions to intensive exam preparation courses)

CM (Y12): Could we have a 90 min session this week? I struggled with the long trig sheet

MH : No worries, you will be fine. I'll bring some nasty questions ;)


TT: Hi, I wonder if you are available this week to teach boys?

MH : Hello TT. Yes, I am teaching in Surrey Monday and Wednesday. I am available at 2:30 pm; also Saturday at (...)

TT: Ok, Mon n Wed - 2.30 then for two hours?

MH : Okay, have a nice Sunday

(Unlimited access to a selection of resources)

DC (Y13): Hi, I made a few rookie errors on exercise 2C, please could you also send me some of those questions to practice too, thanks

MH : Yes, I'll send you a set of past paper's questions and the Mark Scheme. Enjoy!

(Support during your independent study time: email / SMS / Whatsup / … )

ST (Y11): I need some help with a question :)

MH : No worries, take a photo of the question – pls include your attempt.


GS (Y10): Hey, sorry it's a bit late... I sent you a photo on watsapp of maths problem

MH : That's a prism: constant cross section area. Remember how to 'slice' a solid to check if it is a prism? Have a quick look at the solution attached and try yourself. Main the three steps: Formula, Substitution and Solution. Yes, you will have to make "h" the subject. Pls let me know.

GS (Y10): I do get it, thank you


RM (Y13): Could you check the answers for me please and if they're wrong I'll send the working (...) bit unsure on the last one.

MH : (...) see?

RM (Y13): Ok, I put the friction force on the other side (bottom of slope) but it makes sense now why it should go on the top end. Thanks!


MC (Y13): Managed to prove that 8 works (p22)

MH : Great!

MC (Y13): I'm a bit stuck here though (…)

MH : y=4/t so t=4y? Ouch! … t=4/y looks better :) Careful with those silly mistakes. Slow down and you'll save time.

MC (Y13): Ahh


RM (Y12): I need to integrate (…) so why is the answer (…) and not (…)?Mucked that up, I'll send you a picture instead

MH : Yes, should be “+”

Some recommendations found online (thank you for your nice words)

"Juan from Mathshero is excellent ... I am extremely proud of the work my child has produced since being tutored, in our home, with him"

"Fantastic with children your daughters age"

"Highly recommended. He is a Secondary School teacher at a private school and in Chiswick on a Saturday . Amazing results and a great guy"

"Hi, for maths I recommend Juan. Exceptional and a secondary maths teacher"

"I thoroughly recommend Juan, a secondary school Maths teacher. Children respond very well to him"